I am sure all of us have experienced that jittery first date feeling before. Sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach, hoping that the date goes well, and with that, a second date!

1. Your Seating Arrangement

Most of the time, we sit opposite to our date, termed as an awkward 'job interview' style.

While most of us are used to this kind of sitting style, it unfortunately puts a barrier between you and your date; and takes away the fun of flirting in a casual physical manner.

With the side by side sitting plan however, as shown below:

2. Create An External Focus On The First Date

In order to make the first date less intense and more enjoyable, besides going to cafes or restaurants or having a meal, you might want to consider creating an external focus. For example – you can go to a gallery, or you could experience some fun activities together so that the focus is on something external instead of talking about yourself and constantly having to find things to talk about. This helps you to communicate in a natural and organic way, adding fun and laughter in the process!

3. Make It Short and Sweet

At Date Out, we enjoy talking to people to find out their likes and dislikes when it comes to relationships. A survey done by us showed that more than 70% of people did not like first dates that were too long. For example, there was an overzealous man that planned an entire day for his date on their very first date. His date never contacted him again as she felt pressured by him, and felt that he was way too intense for her liking. It was a sweet gesture, and the guy spent a long time planning it, but this would not work for a first date.

So take the pressure off, enjoy some short and fun activities, and before you know it, your second date awaits!