Live TV ft penguins, pandas and otters

Here’s something that’s sure to keep kids and adults alike, entertained during the gruelling lockdown! Though wildlife centres all over the world are closing up due to the coronavirus pandemic, these zoos have set up live TV featuring adorable animals to get your kids and you through quarantine! So, if you’re down for some fun-filled elephant sightings and penguin feeding segments, keep reading.

1. Melbourne Zoo

Australia is especially known for its exotic animals and offers some of the best wildlife centres in the world - one of which being Melbourne Zoo. Through Zoo Victoria’s Animal House, your kids and you can still take a look at some of Melbourne Zoo’s wild creatures, including snow leopards, giraffes, lions and zebras - just through live TV.

2. Smithsonian National Zoo

The Smithsonian National Zoo streams 24/7 webcams featuring animals like lions, elephants and naked mole rats! But especially their beloved pandas, Tian Tian and Mei Xang are going to make you forget all about the lockdown extension!

3. International Wolf Centre

If your children have never seen a wolf up-close before, this is their chance! The International Wolf Centre offers a 24-hour live TV service of their facility, so visitors from all over the world learn more about wolves. Hop on to their website and meet the pack!