5 unique gifts for your partner this Christmas

With just a few days away, are you worried over what you should get for that special one this Christmas?

We all love receiving gifts and we would gladly give some back too. However, for some of us, choosing the right gift can be a difficult task. Especially when you are choosing for your partner, the gift just has to be perfect!

Here at Date Out, we understand that words can only say so much. Hence, our team has come together to compile a few gift ideas specially for you to express to your special other just how much they mean to you.


  1. SOAMI personalized jewellery

Diamonds are forever but jewellery is cheaper. A bigger price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a stronger relationship. A bracelet to symbolize your love is a priceless gift that no diamond ring can replace.


If you are searching for a subtler personalized gift, SOAMI has just the right one for you. With the ability to customize the message, this could just be one of the best Christmas gift for a partner that loves accessories! The bangle comes in 3 different colours – Rose, Gold, and Silver that is nicely packed in a gift box. The gold cuffs are plated in 18K Gold and the rose gold cuffs are plated in IP Rose Gold.



  1. Terrarium

Have you ever seen your partner staring at the computer screen for too long doing their work and you wished you could do something to help them alleviate their stress? Why not try getting creative and add a little greenery to your partner’s table top! Not only is it good for your partner’s mood, it helps to make your partner more productive.

Come explore your crafty side and create your own jars with The Green Capsule where you get to grow different kinds of plants. These terrariums have a very small footprint and are low maintenance which makes it even easier for them to thrive on your partner’s desk!

Check it out here! TERRARIUM WORKSHOP


  1. Customized wood watch for couples

Instead of buying the same few couple tee, why not try getting a matching timepiece? Having a well-designed couple watch is appealing and helps each other to keep track of time. It also adds beauty and helps to complete your outfit.

A minimalist style made from your personal selection of Ebony, Ivory or Carmine wood options with the option of a Black or Brown leather strap, you get to engrave either coordinates of where you first met or the name of your beloved one! The materials are made of entirely natural and high-quality wood which wood (would) leave your partner feeling loved.



          4. Pottery workshop

 Is your partner a fan of handmade items and you start wondering to yourself whether you have the ability to build something from scratch that your partner will like? Let the magic come alive when you put your hands to pottery making where you build things from ground up!

Because each potter’s work is different, you can be sure that your gift is unique and is made entirely from you to your partner. What a pleasant gift to receive this Christmas! In just 2.5 hours, you get to gift your partner their very own bowl, cup, mini vase or other items that you can think of!



          5. Leather Crafting

 It’s the end of the year and do you wish to thank your partner for being so strong accompanying you throughout your entire journey this year? Try crafting leather accessories because leather is strong, durable and flexible so what better way to express what they mean to you by gifting them with some leather gifts!

With the opportunity to craft leather key holder, coin pouch or card sleeve, you get to add a finishing touch by debossing or hot stamping initials, names, words, dates or even phrases. All tools and materials are provided so bring your creativity along to wow your partner with the finished product!



Lastly, Date Out here wishes you a very blessed Christmas! May your time spent with your loved ones be fruitful and darling!







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