What Do Women Really Want (Part 1)

Hey guys, let's face it. No matter what you choose to say or admit/not admit, the fact is, you are probably clueless about what a woman really wants.

What the heck does she want?!!?

I am pretty sure you have faced these problems through the course of your relationship(s)

  1. She gets mad at you for no apparent reason (seemingly)
  2. She says A but means B
  3. She is alright one minute, but not the next
  4. She is clingy and suffocating
  5. Why does she need so many pairs of shoes, handbags and everything else
  6. She says she is fine, but nope, she isn’t fine at all
  7. Why aren’t we having more sex

You don’t have to look so sad

Truth be told, women are not complicated creatures (as you man like to think). We are pretty simple. In fact, we only need a few things from you man and we will be really happy.

Firstly, you have to understand that there is no such thing as a woman losing her mind by being angry for no apparent reason. There is a reason in everything that we do. Whether we vocalise it or not, that is another thing all together.

Women might not always vocalise

Let me give you a real-life example shared by one of my girlfriend, Jane. She was going to the Geylang Serai Bazaar with her boyfriend Sam, on the second last day of the bazaar.   

She got really frustrated as she could not find a parking lot, and after finally finding a lot (which was pretty far away), they had to walk a distance to the bazaar, which added to her frustrations.

While it might seem like an expected situation in this instance, it does not mean we are ok with it. You got to understand that it is simply how we function. What we would have liked at this point in time, is some tender loving care from the guy.

Simple questions like – Hey, you ok to walk so far? If you need anything, let me know ya? Or a simple assuring squeeze on the shoulder, would have made that moment so much better. Sam, however, did no such things.  

A simple hug or squeeze goes a long way 

As they stepped into an extremely crowded bazaar, Jane soon lost sight of Sam. Sam started walking way ahead of Jane cause he wanted to get out of this crazy mess of a crowd. Jane, on the other hand, was trying to catch up with him and got angrier by the second as there was food she wanted to buy but couldn’t buy cause he was walking way ahead of her and she was trying her best not to lose sight of him.

There you go – World War 3. The moment they got out of that crowd, Jane started losing her temper big time. Sam, on the other hand, told her that he knew exactly where she was (though he did not turn back to look at her once) as all he wanted to do was get out of this crazy crowd.

There, she has exploded

Lesson 1 – Always turn back to look at your women if somehow you got ahead of her in a crowd. She needs that assurance.

Lesson 2 – Try to slow down for her to catch up with you. It's not about YOU getting out of the crowd. It's about being there TOGETHER with her

Lesson 3 – Women like to shop, no matter where. So trust me, her eyes would have caught sight of some food ( in this instance ) that she might have liked but couldn’t buy cause you were ahead of her. In essence – STAY BESIDE HER ( in such situations )

The quarrel was made worse by the fact that she was already slightly irritated (but kept it in). To the guy, he was totally clueless when the women exploded. He must have been thinking to himself – Is she crazy? It is so crowded, I just wanted to get out of the crowd, but I knew exactly where she was. But to the women, she felt abandoned, not taken care of, and her needs not met.

A woman does not get mad at you man for no apparent reason. There is always a reason. Whether it is a build-up, or a ‘in the moment anger’, we get angry cause emotionally, we do not feel taken care of, unheard, abandoned, our needs not met.. etc. These are all trigger points that will affect us deeply.

Spend time with your women, bring her out on dates, lavish on her and love on her, and you will see a distinct change in her behaviour. Do not wait for things to change, be the change and reap the benefits.

Love her, lavish on her

Do something special for her. The more unique the activity or gift the more loved she will feel because she will know that you have put a lot of thought and effort into the gift. #DateOut 

Ps – Till next time where we will touch on the other points, do let us hear all about what you might not understand about women! We will try our best to answer you guys!

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