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Registered users who frequently make purchases or deals

Registered users who frequently make purchases or deals from Date out can earn reward points. Points are awarded based on the transaction value and considering the minimum spend. Reward rates would vary for certain products, product categories, and other actions like inviting a friend, sending feedback's etc..

Flexible bonus points scheme

Reward System helps users to earn points based on the purchases they make using Date Out. Users can redeem these points against rewards from our reward package. Each level users like Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum can claim rewards worth different points that are available in their level. The user will get notification regarding rewards through email or text message.

User Memberships
User Membership

Membership starts from Silver and the level progresses with the spend. Membership levels include Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Priority access to new features
Collect rewards for up to 3999 points
Access exclusive rewards from
silver level
Awaits exciting new features
Gain rewards within 7999 points
Special rewards for the
Gold level
Enjoy special features
Rewards available for up to 11999 points
Get rewards that are not available in the other levels
15800 POINTS

Registered users can earn reward points as per their spent. A new member will earn 5 points in spending $1. Multiplying amount will vary in each level. Here are the multiplier levels:

(x5), $1 = 5points
(x8), $1 = 8points
(x10), $1 = 10points
(x12), $1 = 12points

Qualifying Period
Qualifying Period

The 'qualifying period' for a user to achieve Silver, Gold, Platinum status is from January 1st through December 31st of each year (the "Qualifying Period"). Once a user reaches a specific status, the applicable benefits will commence during that Qualifying Period and continue till the end of the following year. For example, if a user meets the Gold Minimum Requirement during the 2014 Qualifying Period, the user will become a Gold member for the remainder of 2014 and all of 2015. In order to remain a Gold member or advance to Platinum, the Gold Minimum Requirement or Platinum Minimum Requirement must be achieved in the subsequent Qualifying Period.

The points will not expire each year but they do not contribute to meeting the Minimum Requirement for a new Qualifying Period. Meaning a fresh new set of points will have to be accumulated in the subsequent Qualifying Period in order to be of effect. Additionally, each time a user reaches a new tier, they will receive a reward.

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